German pistol of "living room", from firm Bolte & Anschutz of Zella Mehlis, thank you for your comment “Zera 07”.

Markings with the heel of grips, a cross in which is registered B&A in vertical and B&A with horizontal and carrying number 836.

Various punches U crowned and B crowned.

Calibre 6 mm Flobert.

Length: + - 24.5 cm.

Barrel: 18.5 cm.

Squared plates in wood, opening by pressure of the button on the left side.


Mehlis and Zella Mehlis, Thuringe (Germany)

1900: manufacturer of weapons and retailer. Property of Fritz Reuss.

1914: manufacturer of firearms and other objects. Production of revolvers, pistols, rifles of small caliber as well as range of hardware.

1920: merchant of weapons and hardware. Property of Fritz Reuss and A.Spiess.

1925: manufacturer of revolvers, Flobert rifles, pistols, automatic pistols.

The mark B & A in a cross are found on a variety of firearms and accessories, including reducing tubes for the Luger pistol (patent DRGM n° 1,364,272 of 1936) and on the rifles B. u A. of the years 1930.

1930-1939: manufacturer of weapons.

End of the activities in 1945.

Michel (Belgium)


According to the German proof law of 1939, the eagle with spread wings above N is the provision proofmark. On revolvers, it had to be stamped on the barrel and cylinder. The stamp replaces the U under crown in use since 1891.

Curiously for the period, the stamp does not refer in any point to the Nazi state. The letter N can be an SP or M, probably depending on the location of the proof house. The figure

227 after the letters Rü could indicate the date of manufacture "February 1927".

So these revolvers, most probably manufactured at Liège, have been finished and proofed in Nazi -Germany between 1939 and 1945.

Marcel (Belgium)