Mehlis is the name of a town of Germany (Saxony), high-place of the German harquebusier.


This German shotgun is clearly a first model Collath.


Wilhelm Collath

Collath Wilhelm (Söhne), Frankfurt an der Oder (Germany). One of leading makers of rifles, sporting guns and proprietary cartridges (Tesco Geschoss).

Collath succeeded Georg Teschner in the 1890s. The company traded until the end of the Second World War. Eccentric Lock action Collath.

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The company of Wilhelm Collath & Sons activated in Frankfurt/Oder around 1900-1910. After the death of Wilhelm Collath the company was renamed "Tesco" (Teschner Collath) up to the end of the 1920s.

I have one of this drillings.

Cristi (Roumania)


Wilhelm Collath was born in Belkow Kreits Crell Greifenberg in Pommeren 25 feb. 1838

Served his training in Kolberg

Got his letter of education in 1858

Took his walking year (gesselle) in Danzig

In 1859 he joint up with Teshner in Frankfurt, there at the time had 12 man in the workshop

Wilhelm Collath became co owner of the firm in 1870, the same year he joint the gunmakers guild in Frankfurt, and his sons Paul and Franz joined the firm they took over when there father died 21 juni 1906 and they kept it going until 1941, when Frankfurt got bombed.

When old man Wilhelm died he had over 100 employees.

Wilhelm Collath was granted patent on a short needle fire principle.

Replacement needles so the same gun could shot with modern centre fire cartridges and needle cartridges.

The metallic enforcement of the bottom of paper cartridges

Collath made a lot of rifles and designed a number of cartridges, many was in general use for over half a century one is still made by some of the big company 9,3 x72R. The others are 7,3 x72, 8 x 72 R,10,75 x 68 x   8,,15 x 46R9,3 x 80,  9,3 x82 R and possibly some more

He also invented a system, what all reloaders today know as gascheck.

I have had much fun in doing this hope some one have any use for it. For the first time I had use for my big collection of “Der Büchsenmacher”

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