Heinrich LEUE

Heinrich LEUE (1837-1897), of Berlin, was an arms manufacturer of the Court. He had studied in his uncle Heinrich BARELLA, another famous arms manufacturer. (Both deposited patents in Belgium).

LEUE had founded its own establishment in 1867 in collaboration with trader TIMPE, and this under denomination LEUE & TIMPE (2 patents in Belgium in 1866 and 1870, apparently with the assistance of Auguste Francotte).

It was famous for its weapons of hunting which competed with best the produced British ones this than seems to show rifle presented. It joined William Wellington GREENER and became his representative in Germany (under name W.W.GREENER & LEUE.

It is deceased in 1897.

Michel (Belgium)

The double barrel gun was made by HEINRICH LEUE in BERLIN, *1837, +1897, he was gunmaker to the court of Berlin.

Leue was apprentice at his uncle Heinrich BARELLA. Established an own shop with the partnership of a salesman TIMPE = "LEUE & TIMPE". The firm was famous for its hunting guns, which were at least as good as British guns. Associated in 1890 with Wiliam Wellington GREENER and becomes Greener's representative in Germany. He lost his right eye by a decease and specialized now in making hunting guns with cripple stocks.

Udo (Germany)