August Schüler

Pistol gas/alarms, model ASS 33/6 of the firm August Schüler in Suhl (= ASS), dating from the years 1930.


August Schuler

Reform - August Schuler of Suhl

I notice that you do not have one of these on your site. It was made around 1912. This four shot mechanical repeater is chambered for .25 ACP (6.35 Browning). Working the action fires the barrel in line with the hammer and then moves the stack of barrels up one, so that the next barrel comes in line. When the second barrel is fired, pressure is routed back through the first barrel to eject the first spent case. Firing the third barrel will eject the round in the second barrel, and the fourth will eject the third. The last round fired however, must be manually removed.