C D Tanner & Sohn

Could you please tell me what you know about "C D Tanner & Sohn in Hannover".

I have just bought a pair of Belt = Pistols by this maker.

They are highly engraved on Ebony stocks with Silver border inlays to all external parts.

They also have silver but plates, rod holders and forfends.

The steel seems to be of Surgical Steel (stainless steel in today's language) they have an Engraving / moulding in the trigger guards of what seems to be either Neptune God of the Sea, or Nereus (Neptune's father) and have an engraving of a Palm tree on each Rod Holder with an engraving of Ocean Waves.

They certainly seem to have been made for a Sailor. Even they have a unusual weather-proof cover to keep water off the Nipple & Cap. Also they come with a Lock Spring Clamp which seems to be for some owner who is not near a gunsmith....like a sailor.

They also have an adjustable rear sight which is adjusted by use of a special Key...like a Clock key.

Very interesting set in case with all original accessories.

kind regards,


Here some information according to “neue Stoeckel”:

- Carl Daniel Tanner, 1791 - 1858, work initially in Herzberg in the factory of Crause, melt its own company in 1827, go to Hanover in 1829 when he becomes “Arms manufacturer of King de Hanovre and the Duke of Brunswick”

- “C.D. Tanner & Sohn” = Carl Daniel Tanner and son (1 son, named Hermann, 1818 - 1877)

- after the death of C.D. Tanner in 1858, all the sons form the firm “Tanner & Söhne” (3 sons)

- whose Ernst Heinrich Daniel Carl Tanner, 1842 - 1912, director of the branch and manufacture Tanner weapons in Liege

- and also Ferdinand Tanner, 1825 - 1885

The pistols are formidable. However, their material is surprising because the genesis of nickel steel (future stainless) started only in 1876. The parts are they really made steel or perhaps of a different alloy (for example nickel silver, developed in 1823)???


Dirk (Germany)