Christian Friedrich Triebel Gewehrfabrik

If I'm not mistaken the book page is from Neue Stockel which goes to about year 1900, but this rifle is clearly some 40 years younger (or at least its chambering). Christian Friedrich Triebel was a German gunsmith known to make rifles for Vom Hofe who designed special high velocity hunting cartridges in Germany before WWII. The 5,6x61 Vom Hofe Super Express came out in 1937.

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Jani (Slovenia)

The cartridge of 5.6 mm VOM HOFE super express is ammunition of hunting at high initial speed.

Its creation goes back to 1937 it is declined like this:

5.6 X 61 R super express train VOM HOFE codes D.W.M. 431R

5.6 X 61 super express train VOM HOFE codes D.W.M. 431P

5.6 X 65 R super express of 1965 and 5.6 X 66 maximum of 1958 are the experimental one whose manufacture remained confidential.

jfro. (Belgium)