This evening a short rifle; a German "Gebirgjager" carbine called G.33/40.

Based on the strong Kar.98 action, of which retains calibre and magazine capacity, many builds from CZVZ33 (as this one), shortened, lightened and simplified with some difference from the standard German rifle:

No double screw securing trigger guard.

The sight hood is different from standard.

The rear sight is graduated only to 1.000 meters.

The lower barrel band secured by a screw instead of a spring

The upper barrel bad with the blocking spring on the left instead on the right.

The bolt handles with a hole for a best grip with wet hand.

The stock base reinforced by a steel sheet for the rough use on mountains.

It seems to be made in CZ in 1040-41 in about only 120.000 units because of the strong recoil (for the short barrel) soldiers complained.