Walther model 4

cal. 7.65mm (.32ACP)

Photographs authorized by "COLLECTORSFIREARMS"

Walther mod 4

Very pretty piece, according to me it belongs to the 1st version with the 7 broad scratches of armament, its manufacture is located in theory before 1918, but what it is its alternative 1 2 3 /4?

The model which appears in the book of Walter is him the 1st version provided with 7 broad scratches and with the fixed rise.

The gun which appears, on the site “Walter n°4” is according to me, the second version of model 4, and is in general almost identical to my request.

However, if I am not mistaken, on the right plate, it is well the word caliber in English who is registered (?), and there is no inscription on the slide, whereas it first of all does not seem to me to be repolished.

Quid of this alternative??

I think that a request for information on the site would be interesting, it is the first time that I see this model with 12 scratches, one much more often meets the model with 16 very fine scratches.

To conclude, one could almost make a novel and a topic of collection only with the model nº 4 and their alternatives.


Walther mod 4

Who knows the alternative of the pistol Walter nº 4, but characteristic it has twelve fine scratches of vertical gripping, and not of rise fixes, but a gutter, a pin on the barrel angularly positions this last in the gutter (visible on the photograph).

The weapon is with simple action and with interior hammer, the clamp is external, it slips between the carcass and the left handle and is identical to the first models with broad scratches.

For my part manufacture is before 1919, indeed, it is into 1919 that the communes of St Blasil and Mehils amalgamated one.

Note: the alternative of the model n°4 which appears in the book "Fine deutsche legend Walter" has to him sixteen very fine scratches of oblique gripping and a fixed rise.

PS the head of nail for safety is not my work.


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