Pistol model 1770 of cavalry

Model 1770 large caliber for cavalry - Austria (there is also another, younger of a few years, of small caliber, 17.6 mm with barrel slightly longer)

Official caliber: 18.8 mm (The mine 19.2)

Overall length: 455 mm

Length barrel: 280 mm

Weight: 1210 G

Lock plate with facet basin.

Flat hammer with swan neck.

Unrifled bore, with octagonal sides up to 1/3 the overall length, then round.

Sight: only with the mouth, out of brass with barley grain

Barrel fixed by a screw on the tail of breech and with two pins on was (out of wood of drowning).

Iron trimmings.

Rod of loading out of iron, weights 150 gr., length 296 mm with screw for the extractor of balls, kept in a leather case.

Markings on the weapon: an S in capital letter and the n 4 on the lower part of the barrel.

On my specimen it misses a small brass band in face of was.