This rifle is: Austro-Hungarian Waenzl M.1867, more precisely Jaeger-Stutzen M.1854/67, System Waenzl, caliber 14mm rimfire.

This particular specimen was originaly made in 1859, as a Lorenz M.1854 Jaeger-Stutzen (short rifle for jaeger units of the Austrian army), muzzle loader of 13,9mm caliber, converted to breech-loader after 1867, using system invented by gunsmith Waenzl of Vienna (Wien).

BENTZ was a well known gunsmith - army supplier, and the lady marked on the breech was probably his widow.

Marking 68 is date of acceptance - 1868, the eagle in circle is the Imperial Austrian double headed eagle, acting as the army acceptance stamp. This short rifle was made in large quantities, but was rather quickly replaced by the new Werndl M.1867 Infanterie- und Jaeger-Gewehr, caliber 11mm centerfire; however, it was used by some non-combatant troops (guards, etc.) as late as WWI.

Tecnical data:

lenght 1100 mm

lenght of barrel 647 mm

rifling 4-left

weight 4,5 kg


Many thanks to the "ROYAL ARMY MUSEUM" Bruxelles and especially the section "ARMES PORTATIVE".

(Identification : 9200073)