P. Schenk

Cased Deluxe Gold-Inlaid Pair of Bohemian Salon Pistols by P. Schenk, Marienbad

.50 calibre, 9-inch fine Damascus rifled barrels with over and under ribs, dovetailed front sight and gold-inlaid legend: In Marienbad. Chisel-engraved nipple bolsters.

Adjustable rear sights.

Breeches, hammers, locks, trigger guards and pommel caps profusely engraved with acanthus motifs. Breeches marked 1 & 2 respectively. Engraved screws. Locks gold-inlaid with maker's name: P. Schenk. Adjustable set-triggers. Fine relief-carved deluxe walnut stocks with leafy meander on grips and fore-end. Chisel-engraved ovoid pommel caps with urn-shaped finials. Blank silver escutcheons.

Pistols contained in original rose velour-lined rosewood partitioned case together with cherry wood and horn hammer; gunstock powder flask; horn cap box; two extra nipples; adjustable powder measure; polished steel wad cutter; bullet mold; sight wrench; nipple wrench and cherry wood cleaning rod with horn cap.