F. Türk

Flintlock militia infantry gun, Bavaria, around 1800/30. Round, smooth barrel with chiselled chamber part, fore-sight on the front barrel mounting ring. Flintlock in the form of the middle of the 18th century according to the old Suhl type with S-like hammer and round pan, upper part of the hammer and corresponding screw might be contemporary replacements.

Full stock made of beech-wood with rests of the original black paint and common brass mountings of the Austrian M 1798, rear strap bale missing, butt plate with manufacturer’s stamp “IG.” and a third unreadable letter, on the lock counter-plate engraved signature of the user “F. Türk” written in script, thus proving that it was a proprietary piece.

Ramrod missing, original Austrian cruciform bayonet M 1798 with Laukart-type fixation and leather sheath.

Typical gun of the Bavarian militia, which has been built from different old pieces around 1800/30 and has been cut from its original length to 151cm.

Bavaria began just in the years 1840 to adapt flintlock guns stored in the arsenals to percussion.

Length 128 cm, cal. 19 mm smooth.

Many thanks to "ARSENAL.DE" for the photos.