Arm produced for the SOE (Special Executive Operation, British secret service), and also by OSS American.

This pistol is with manual loading, the magazine in the grips including seven projectiles. The pistol is surrounded by a regulator of sound making it possible to strongly reduce the detonation. Thus, the weapon is inaudible to forty meters.

The pistol was initially developed in calibre .32  in version Mk I. It makes place in Mk II (in 9 mm Parabellum) then in Mk III (in .45 ACP). In all its versions, Welrod is dismountable in two parts (pistol and stick), and can thus be carried attached by rings inside pants carried broad, with the mode of the time. This means of transport makes it possible to prevent detection.

This pistol is developed at the origin to equip the British agents in enemy territory, enabling them to eliminate a target in a discrete way. It was also called “pistol of assassin”. Like other special units, the Commandos are equipped some to eliminate the sentinels at the time of their raids on the coasts held by the Germans. The shooting is done with two hands; one holding the stick and the other stabilizing the weapon by holding the regulator of sound. Slow manual recharging makes of Welrod a weapon adapted to specific eliminations but not to the combat.

Maximum range, a little more than one score of meters!!