Enfield Lee Medford Mk II

British Lee Metford Mk.II military rifle with original 10 round magazine. The rifles of this pattern were used extensively in the Boer War. The New Zealand Expeditionary Force used these rifles in Galipoli in 1915. The rifle was manufactured by Enfield in 1893 (antique!), as stated on the right side of the buttstock socket. The model designation is stamped below the maker name and a date on the right side of the buttstock socket: "II.". Both, the receiver ring and barrel display New Zealand military property markings, "N, Broad Arrow, Z". The brass buttplate tang displays military issue markings, "R267". The receiver ring and barrel also display armourer's "Sale Mark", "Arrow, S, Arrow, S" ("Serviceable when sold"). The chamber displays "DP" ("Drill purpose") and "R" ("Barrel found rusty by the armourer"). British proofs are present on the receiver and barrel. The right side of the butt stock displays fading cartouche. The barrel has shallow and complex seven groove Henry patent rifling, designed for Metford type ammunition. Ramp and leaf rear sight calibrated to 1800 yards. Fixed front sight with no guards. The forestock and nosecap were manufactured with a provision for the cleaning rod. The magazine is attached to its housing, which is correct for this model.

Many thanks to "COLLECTIBLEFIREARMS" for the pictures

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