Domenico ALBERDI

Revolver with central percussion and box frame called the REGENT invented by Jean WARNANT in LIEGE.

The grooved cylinder with 6 rooms, calibre 380, is falling on the right for the extraction following the operation from the key of locking articulated placed under the barrel.

Sticks (out of blackened wood?) are squared. The logo is not readable on the photographs.


Don't the photographs show any punch of tests of Liège or Spanish?


Al: could be the mark of the Spanish manufacturer of EIBAR, Domenico ALBERDI.

This one deposited the patent of the REGENT in Spain the 04.02.1885.

239 - 3194? - 5 - JI?: marks sometimes not very readable which are marks of workshop left by the manufacturer.

The patent: see enclosure.


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