F. Arizmendi Y Goenaga

Bodeo 1889

F. Arizmendi Y Goenaga

A certainty: the mark AG crowned n° 15281 was deposited (in Spain) by Francisco Arizmendi y Goenaga on July 23, 1909 (“tres marcas para to distinguir armas de fuego”), with a modification on August 13, 1910. Thus the revolver is after 1909…


Still let us specify that what the owner calls “PV surmounted of a lion” - punch of Liège which could not be only on the weapon - is in fact a punch  PV surmounted of a crown with 3 branches and without bar of separation, which is indeed the “ponçon Polvera Viva” of use in Spain. In gauge .320, these revolvers are with 6 blows with blasting powder; because of the sharp powder and not to have too much to change with dimensions nor with the quality of steel used, one dug only 5 rooms in the barrels into 8 Lebel, so that the walls are thicker.

I find for my part the punch AG in a crowned oval and the initial crowned AE a little too close to our punch ELG* and crowned logo AF of the friend Auguste, not you?

With the origin, barrel and cylinder are blue, the marbled carcass, heads of screw, trigger and console of extractor turned blue with the flame, rod of extractor white polished.

And as usual, figures 4 and 7 (or 47) are not n° of series, but either codes of assembly, or identifications speakers to the assembly (working walker, polisher, assembler, …)


F. Arizmendi Y Goenaga


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