Vencedor Durango

Marking Mr. ASTRA is posterior with manufacture (depth of the mark). It is about a “Ruby” of the war, ordered for France in Fabrica de Armas with Durango. The code manufacturer VD, was especially used to couple weapons and magazine bus from one manufacturer to another, the magazines were not inevitably interchangeable.

Jean-Pierre Bastié

My most probable assumption: if one follows the reasoning of JP Bastié (which is not initial): VD = Vencedor Durango. In this case the VD must be on the charger AND the pistol, since it is a question of pairing both correctly.

I unearthed the following photographs showing Vencedor of Fabrica de Armas Durango.

Note the typical right scratches of this model.

“Nickelled” Ruby to identify is more than probably Vencedor - Durango.


Illustration Vencedor

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