Gabilongo Agustino

GABILONDO Agustin - manufacturer of pistols and revolvers

In 1912 it requests the recording of the trademark n° 19759 representative a bull (it is reproduced, in alternative, on the weapons) to affix on firearms.

“Matricula Industrial” of Eibar indicates it as owner of a workshop of weapons in 1913.

This workshop began with four workmen, reduced of half during the period 1915-1918.

The boom caused by the Large War did not have, seems it, influence on this firm which does not undergo either the crisis of the post-war period: in 1919 it always employed four workmen and this situation was maintained until 1923.

In “Censo Armero” of 1929, it appears as manufacturer of various barrel revolvers rocking and “Smith”… with distinctive mark A.G.H. (Agustin Gabilondo & Hijos)

The workshop of Agustin Gabilondo is still quoted in 1939 like having begun again its activity, but it seems that it did not remain any more a long time in the field of arms manufacture.

In appendix: the mark as deposited (on the pistol the bull with transfered on the left! Political significance????)


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