A Spanish military musket, lock signed CONTR.YBAR, 1858-2106.

“Contr. ybar. ” will means “contract ybarra”.

It is about a rifle model 1854 whose manufacturer was Jose Ignacio d'Ibarra (in the past it was written Ybarra). It had a contract of 24000 rifles whose reception probably had to be done in Plasencia.

Until May 1858 one marked the barrels “contr.Ybar”, starting from this date they were marked A.R under a crown which means, for some, “artilleria” and for others “artilleria Real”.

One subsequently uses another mark which was “C. ybarra” rather than A.R

If the weapon is examined one can also find a letter “P” or a letter “E” according to whether this one would have been examined in Plasencia or Eibar.

PAZ (Spain)


Many thanks to "BOLKANTIQUES" for the pictures.

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