Astra 7.63mm (maybe the same of C96 !!)

Spanish companies took advantage of Mauser's reduced production after the end of the first world war, introduced copies of the Mauser C96 mlitary model in the 1920s to capture such traditional Mauser markets.  The gun resembles the mauser C96 externally, but with significant manufacturing changes, and the finish was generally excellent.

Model 900: same size at the mauser C96, but somewhat heavier owing to more steel in the barrel ans barrel extension.

Model 901: This arose in response to a demand from china, by adding a selective-fire mechanism to the basic Astra 900.  He had a rate of fire of about 850 rounds per minute.  Only about 1600 Astra pistols were ever made

Model 902: It's the model 901, but with a fixed 20 shot magazine and a 190mm barrel.  Introduced late in 1928 about 7000 were made.

Model 903: An improvement on the 902 model, the Astra 903 had removable 10 or 20 shot magazine.

Model 904: Astra 903 with a rate-reducer and minor change to the fire selector switch.  Ten were made late in 1933.

Model F: Astra 903 modified to meet the requirements of the guardia civile.

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