It is about a pistol manufactured by the Manufacture of weapons from the French Pyrenees in Hendaye for arms manufacturer PIOT-LEPAGE in PARIS (from where markings of the plates: PLP).

I hardly have information on this house, if not that one quotes it in the years 1890. The gun than was probably manufactured more before 1920. To check…

A precision on PIOT-LEPAGE P., of Paris. This one deposited a patent in Belgium in 1911, in collaboration with BERNIMOLIN J. and BIZON G. It acted of a flock model of cartridge of hunting. P.Piot-Lepage had domiciled street Martel, 12 in PARIS.

Michel (Belgium)

According to Zhuck, reference 1675:

LE SANS PAREIL, Manufacture d'Armes des Pyrénées Françaises à Hendaye, manufactured for Piot Lepage in Paris, 6.35 mm auto.

The plates are with or without logo.

Marcel (Belgium)

Piot-Lepage seems to be the first to be had the idea of the pistols equipped with a shell of protection for the shooting of attack (imitation-duel) very appreciated it at the beginning of the last century.

Balou (Belgium)

Three different models gauges 6,35mm were manufactured by the Manufacture d'Armes des Pyrénées Françaises à Hendaye, marketed by the Piot-Lepage arms manufacturer in Paris.

Max (Belgium)

LE SANS PAREIL (also Pariel or Parriel would be spelled) is a copy of Baby FN produced by the Manufacture d'Armes des Pyrénées Françaises à Hendaye (MAPF). Product of 1923 to 1939, under various names: St Hubert, Audax, Capitain, Colonial, Rangers, Western, Elite, Majestic, etc (the list is very long). Then and until 1945, it is produced under the well-known name of “UNIQUE”. Thereafter the model is distinguished from the FN and is declined into various alternative (caliber, length, arms with sport, etc

CHP (Swiss)