Pistol of officer

Since this pistol is manufactured with “Manufacture of Versailles”, it was manufactured under the direction of Nicolas Noël Boutet. “Who’s Who” says:

Boutet, born in 1761, died in 1833, Ordinary Harquebusier of Roy in 1788. Was the director artist of the Manufacture of rifles of Versailles by decree of August 28, 1792. In 1799, the Directory names it general manager of the manufacture of weapons and repair Shops of France. In Paris a deposit of this manufacture had. Its concession in Versailles expired in 1818.

That’s wants to say that the gun must have been manufactured between 1799 and 1818. It is certainly a part bought by a French naval officer, the ring of cap and the barrel with the brass system proves it.

Udo (Allemagne)