MODEL 1816

Length of the barrel of infantry, 42 inches (1,137m); of acrobat, 38 inches (1,029m). The gate light is a little tilted truncated to plunge in the pan. - Button of breech without notch. Pan with fender; the plan of the entablature, horizontal and passing by the center of the light.

Battery without “retroussis”; the table hollowed out, broader and less sloping than with the model 1777. Live and head of hammer, shortened. Escutcheon, with wings, carrying the trigger. Pin of leaf of trigger guard, conical, with round head entering on the side of the lock. Edges of the heads of screw and the trimmings, round. Channel of rod, widened to give resonance.

Length without bayonet, of the rifle of infantry, 1,529m; of acrobat, 1,421m.

Weight without bayonet, 4,306kg and 4,218kg.

MODEL 1816 T

The second system of transformation, adopted in 1841, does not change dimensions external of the barrel. Calibre reception, 18 mm; of reject in manufacture, 18,4mm; of reject in service, 18,5mm. Old fire gate, stopped with an iron grain; steel front sight, screwed in the thunder, with spherical runner, in retirement on the right side. Back sight (iron), given on the barrel. Raise fixed at dovetail on the tail of breech; bead in embrasure. Lock model 1816 transform with percussion. Includes 12 parts: the body, the hammer, the nut (3 notches), the nut support, the trigger, the large spring, the spring of trigger and with screw.

The transformation consists in stopping the holes of the screws of the battery, its spring and the pivot; to fix the coin of pan with the screw of pan, to replace the hammer with flint by a hammer with percussion; to make a safety catch to nut. Mounting. Ears and projecting edges, round with height of the section of the thunder. Drink released under “embouchoir” it, so that this coin can pass on the new back sight.

MODEL 1816 T bis & 1816/22 T bis (see the description of 1822 T bis)

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