Revolver Chamelot Delvigne 1873 Navy (See contradicted at the end of the page)

Splendid revolver Chamelot Delvigne 1873 Navy gone back to 1878.

It is about a model ground of the year 1878 having been affected with the wearing of war, the only known difference is the addition at the request of the commanders of unquestionable port of “the anchor of marine” with an aim of differentiating them from the ground weapons. All the parts are of origin and carry the same number, idem for the plates and screws.

A French firm manufactures the necessary to reload this type of ammunition.

Look at here: H & C Collection

You have just put a qualified French revolver of Navy.

They is completely false….At best (considering the state of the anchor) could one say: “affected with a port” ..... But to in no case with the navy.

The characteristic, which does not suffer from any exception, of the orders of the navy (out of revolver 73 at least) is that N° of series never comprises letter prefixes..... Really never!

Besides I join two photographs of a truth 73 of Navy….


And another !