Carcano 91/38

One of the variants of Italian Carcano mod. 1891 was the model of 1938 (called 91/38), a good carbine born for a new cartridge, the 7,35x52, that could may be a very good couple.

But for the short range of view of Italian "Etat major" the new carbine was never issued and most were sold to Finnish Army; a lot were also used only for parades of the G.I.L. (Gioventý Italiana del Littorio, the equivalent of German Hitler Jugend).

Another lot of them were transformed in the old 6,5x52 and the production continued in this calibre.

Here there are the two variants:

The first in calibre 7,35 with the long hand guard (very few made).

The second in cal. 6,5 with short hand guard.

This is the only difference.

Interesting are the four bayonets issued for this carbine:

The first (foldable blade) with the locking to barrel in form of a long lever and the locking blade as a button and no scabbard provision.

The second (foldable blade) with two locking buttons and a steel scabbard with belt loop.

The third (foldable blade fixed) had a steel scabbard with leather frog.

The fourth (fixed blade) also had a steel scabbard w/leather frog.

Another good example how to throw away money (and lives).