Manardi e Aiardi, Brescia

And if I say to you that rifle is Italian?

Markings are of a craftsman who had adopted a punch similar to that of the proofhouse of Liege, obvious counterfeit.

As of the years 1950 there was in Italy at least 10 which adopted an elliptic punch with crown and of the capital letters inside ..........

The name of manufacturing must be: Manardi E Aiardi, Brescia (ABM)

Register of the Chamber of Commerce of 1924:

Address: Brescia

Via Musei 42

Founded in 1909

Manufacture of commercial rifles and luxury

Apparatuses for the production: Electric motors of 2 CV

5 workmen who work during 8/10 h/j

The use of barrels of Damas Bernard was very widespread among our arms manufacturers, like the locks with hammers produced in Belgium.

Alberto Riccadonna (Italie)