Mateba 6 Unica.

It is a half automatic design. It rotated and cock the hammer after the shot fired.

It is the first modern made half automatic revolver after the famous Webley Fosbery and the American made Union.

It is a .357 magnum revolver. But with the extra recoil springs you can shoot also .38 special and even .38 wadcutter with this revolver.

Best works the .357 loads.

To change the springs you have to turn out a small bold in the trigger guard. That holds a slide catch witch you now can remove.

Then you can take the revolver apart. When you put the revolver back again you have to take care that the fork formed part witch turned the cylinder is in place by the arm on the frame.

By movement afterwards of the slide this arm acts as a stud so the cylinder is turned by the fork formed part.

It is only possible to adjust the front sight for left, right and up and down.

This revolver is made somewhere early 2000. It wasn’t a very big success. Aldo it is a very accurate revolver the mechanism is too complicated. Beside that the barrel is locked just at on point in the frame and has the tendency to work loose while shooting.

The revolver is no longer in production.

Henk Bouwman

Mateba MTR8

The cylinder will be locked by the cylinder bold in the topstrap. You can see it sticking out.

Above the grip is the cocking handle in front of the cylinder is the cylinder latch.

On the right side of the Mateba you can see the double cocking handle

Here is a picture of the front sight. This is placed on a disk. With the tool you can turn this to the right or left. With the other side of the tool you can turn the sight up or down.

There is also the complete set with tool bag sight adjust tool and a spare loading plate.

Henk Bouwman