Sperandio Mutti

I lately made the acquisition of this Eastern weapon, the barrel is octagonal, caliber 14 mm, it is provided with a very clear punch: a kind of A or square in relief in a circle (see photo), It is '' signed '' S. Mutti, no Arabic inscription. On the higher side a caravan of camels stylized with 3 stars is engraved. The stick is covered with finely engraved steel plates. The lock miquelet is finely worked and engraved.

Can our specialists they put forth assumptions?


Albanian Miquelet pistol. The barrel was made by an Italian gunmaker named Sperandio Mutti, from Brescia, Val Trompia, * 1642, + 1717, who exported lots of his pieces to Greece. From there the barrel must have come to Albania, where an Albanian gunmaker used it to produce this pistol about 1800. His mark "A" over a circle in a circle is unknown. By the way, the camels are no camels but just typical patterns of decoration.

Udo (Germany)

This is typical Albanian Long Gun. Called "karajfilja shqiptare" by the Albanians, also known as "slim gun" or "Arnaut gun". Most were made during the 19th century, many with imported Italian barrels. Center of their manufacture was Prizren (Kosovo) but they were widely used all over the Balkans, and were exported to other parts of the Ottoman Empire as well, including North Africa. Most were very long, 1.5-1.7 meters, but a few were made as short carbines. As late as circa 1910 a good proportion of the Albanians were still armed with these antique flintlocks, the rest with breechloaders such as Martinis and Mausers.

Jani (Slovenia)

This is definitely an Albanian miquelet "T" rifle,(from the shape of the stock) same era and origin whith the rat-tail miquelet balkanic pistols. Ordered by a Turk (you can see the halfmoon + star at the bottom) to a local Albanian gunsmith who used and modified the barrel of an European, probably Italian rifle, made by S. Mutti. As far I can see the letters are upside down, if this is correct, strength my aspect because all these people were illiterate.

Nick Stratogiannakis (Greece)