Model: 1847 for Carabinieri Reali.

The barrel was built in 1860 with the side of the door starts plane (one of the last years of construction, because in 1861 one stopped the distribution of this model)

The punches are those of the arsenal of Torino (King crown, Ecusson of Savoy and initial of the controller).

The lock was recovered model 1814 with flint, reduced the year 1844 to percussion.

One could not say, without seeing it, if the weapon were built on the basis of a model 1844 for "Carabinieri", "Cavalleggeri" or "Campari" of Sardinia which had wood until the end of the barrel and one embouchoir with double brass trigger guard, without handlebar.

The length was 24.3 cm, the barrel of 12.8 cm, the total weight of 700 gr. One distributed them in couples to each Police officer to put them in the pockets of the "pastran".

Alberto Riccadonna

Photos of "ANTIQUEFIREARMS" with my grateful thanks.