Vetterli 1870 Carabinieri

Here is the carbine version for Italian "Carabinieri", a little longer version of the Cavalry one with the same bayonet system.

Single shot, cal. 10,4 mm.

Rear sight up to 1.600m.

Butt trap for cleaning rod

Made by Military Arsenal of Brescia in 1886.

The mark above the chamber (P.P.) indicates that the weapon has interchangeable parts.

Original leather sling and an unopened cardboard "Metraglia" cartridge box (for 8 rounds) made by "Pirotecnico di Bologna" in 1887.

A "metraglia" cartridge made in 1890 by "Pirotecnico di Capua" (C-90).

Pirotecnico = Ammunition Factory

Metraglia = a cartridge with a 10,4 mm jacketed ball over a cylindrical lead ball sectioned in 9 segments; intended for public order: brrrr!