Argentine Model 1927 Colt Systema

1948:  After World War 1 Argentina decided to adopt the Colt/Browning 1911 as their standard military side arm and ultimately accepted the specifications of the 1911A1 as their Modelo 1927.

Argentina initially purchased 10,000 pistols from the American manufacturer and subsequently assembled pistols from imported parts.

In 1943 they began full domestic production of the Modelo 1927 under license from Colt.

These guns are such close copies that the parts are normally interchangeable.

The letters on the left of the slide are for "Direccion General de Fabricaciones Militares Fabrica Militar de Armas Portatiles".

The Argentine crest on the right side indicates that this was a government issue army pistol.

It was made in 1948, the height of the Juan and Eva Peron era.