I asked my Argentine friends and all of them, or their parents, remember that gun. They say me that TKO was not a company, was the name of a model gun that was released in Argentina in late 1950 and became very popular among children because it was sold free.

Nobody remembers that the company produced, only it was imported from USA. TKO is an abbreviation used in boxing in the United States to define the “Technical Knockout ", while in spanish is used only the word K.O.

In Argentina, popularly called "matagatos" (catkiller in English), for although he was Flobert system, children shooting at cats and birds witch 22 Short ammo.

Jesús Madriñán (Spain)

Détails of a similair pistol mark "King".

Nationality : Argentina

Shot : One

System : manuel

Calibre : 6 mm Flobert

Barrel : smoth

Sight : Fixe

Security : none