Omark Australia Ltd

SPORTCO est une marque déposée par Omark Australia Ltd - St Marys (Australia). Celle-ci se rencontre sur des armes de sport.

En illustration, une de ses soeurs "Martini Australian Cadet Rifle" appartenant également à l'Etat de Victoria. Ces carabines furent produites à 83000 exemplaires entre 1891 et 1949.

The Martini Cadet is a centrefire single shot rifle produced in the United Kingdom by BSA and W.W. Greener for the use of Australian military Cadets. Based on a miniature version of the Martini-Henry it was internally different. Chambered for the .310 Cadet also known as the .310 Greener, they were also sold to the public as the BSA No.4, 4a, 4b and 5 in other calibres like the .297/230 and.22 rimfire. The rifles will often chamber the similarly sized.32-20 Winchester and fire with some accuracy.

After being sold by the Australian government many were converted to sporting or target rifles, often re-barrelled to calibres like.22 Hornet, .218 Bee, .25-20 Winchester, .222 Rimmed, .357 Magnum and others to .22 rimfire by gun makers like Sportco.