Delcomyn Louis

Danish regulatory percussion rifle Model 1848

Louis (Ludwig August Knud) Delcomyn was born in Odense, Denmark on January 13, 1813, into a family of gunsmiths (grandfather, father, half-brother). His trace is found in Liège in 1840 as an armourer. Registered on the Belgian proofhouse from 1843 to 1851.

Reported as an armourer in Liège, Quai de la Batte, 45 in 1844 and as an arms manufacturer in Liège, rue sur la Fontaine in 1849. He died in Liège on October 13, 1851, at the age of 38.

Mouth-loaded percussion rifle, calibre 17.5 mm, model adopted by Denmark in 1848 (model 1848), manufactured by the Kronborg factory.

Of which the Belgian gunmaker, of Danish origin, Louis (Ludwig) Delcomyn (see craftsmen identified in Belgian arms) is probably at the origin.

2 lines of the model number and serial number on the right side plate MD – 1848 (model) 1848-581 (serial).

Back sight 1st model so-called “grasshopper” patented: Patent Jessen.

Safety lock under the hammer to prevent accidental impact when the gun is loaded – a primer in place on the chimney. Arming the hammer releases the lock making the gun functional.

Position for primers at the back of the stock, right side.

HPH with the indispensable help of PHL.

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