This gun is most certainly Danish, made on Kronbork Factory in the King Christian the 7th time.

Christian the seventh was king from 1766 to 1808.

The stamp VB is chef gunsmith Vilhelm von Bergen 1791 to 1801

KRONBORG GUN factory had a production of military firearms, but some of the gunsmiths, had private customers, this gun is most likely made for the king Christian the seventh’s private use, either for him self or as a gift for an important person.

The NP stamp was used of an unknown lockmaker on Kronborg factory from 1769 to ca 1800.


Kronborg Gevaerfabrik

Danish M.1865/97 military revolver.

The revolver is a Danish military conversion of M.1865 pinfire service revolver to the 11.44 mm centerfire cartridge.

The latter is quite unique, as it features wooden projectile with nickel casing. There is a couple of models of similar Danish military revolvers, all of them quite scarce. This model can be recognized by the characteristic safety lever between the frame and the hammer. This type of the revolver was issued to Danish artillery and cavalry.

The revolver was manufactured by Kronborg Gevaerfabrik, as indicated by markings on the upper part of the barrel.

The mechanism of the revolver was based on Lefaucheux-Chaineux patents.

The conversion design is attributed to Georg Christiansen. The revolver has all matching serial numbers (the external serial numbers are stamped on the frame, barrel, loading gate, trigger, hammer, butt and on the cylinder).

The right side of the frame displays original model designation, "M. 1865".

All the major parts of the revolver display Danish royal crowns and some smaller marks and numbers. The left side of the frame display two sets of Danish artillery regimental markings, "Tr.A.25" (crossed with a single line), and "2.A.B.48".

Single and double action.

The revolver has a very nice one piece dark walnut grip with diamond checkering.

The cylinder capacity is six rounds. 5 inch long round barrel. With a massive lanyard ring located on the back of the frame, just underneath the hammer.

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