M.1874 Greek

Greek army issue M.1874 Gras rifle.

The rifle was manufactured by Osterreichische Waffenfabriks Gesellshaft (OEWG), Steyr in Austro-Hungary in 1880, as indicated by markings on the receiver and barrel.

Gras rifle was adopted by Greece in 1876 to replace indigenous Mylona rifle.

OEWG was the only maker of the Greek contract Gras rifles. 57.000 rifles and 6.000 of carbines were manufactured for the Greek army. Gras rifles were still in use during the Balkan Wars and during the World War One.

The stock of the rifle displays several Greek and Austro-Hungarian proofs and a nice cartouche with Greek alphabet wording.

Many thanks to "COLLECTIBLEFIREARMS" for the pictures.

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