Lefaucheux 1854

Just got in one of the scarcest Lefaucheux revolvers issued for the military Norway bought about 15 hundred arms around 1864.

1100 were standard navy type 1854 12 mm round barrels with the Norwegian Lion on the side.

200 were triple action.

The last 200 were navy style but with octagonal barrel! Numbers in the 81 and 82000 area. All marked with the Norwegian Lion on the right side of the barrel. Right grip marked with “AR” which was the inspector Anton Rasmussen.

I have never seen any other “navy style” 12mm Lefaucheux with the octagonal barrel. (The cavalry have both round and octagonal.)

The Norwegian “Navy style” round barrels (actually used by the army) appears from time to time, but the “Navy” with octagonal only surfaces when a fellow collector dies…

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