Pistol of shooting to percussion by Wisniowiecki, Lemberg (Lwow/Poland) approximately 1850.

The octagonal barrel in Damas has eight stripes and is in calibre 9,5mm.

Inserts of gold rollers on the muzzle and the breech, with the signature out of gold, “Wisniowieckiwe we Lwowie” on the barrel between the leafy vines.

Snail volutes finely engraved, and language inlaid with the figure “2” out of gold. Adjustable back sight. Locks richly engraved with decorative gold vines and a different signature. Double trigger.

Stick slightly cut out in drowning with grooved handle. Accessories out of iron completely covered with engraving.

Length 40.5 cm.

The signature of this weapon is in Polish language and is the Polish orthography of the Polish city of Lvov. This gold signature “Wisniowiecki we Lwowie”” written in the Polish language means: Wisniowiecki with Lviv.

Jerzy Maciejowski has Cracow, city Polish

Wisniowiecki J.

Wisniowiecki J., Lemberg (Lwow, L'vov), Poland, ca 1850-70.

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