Karl Gustafs Stads Gevarsfaktori

Swedish Navy M.1881 Jarmann rifle

The rifle was manufactured by Carl Gustafs Stads Gevarsfaktori in 1883, as indicated by markings on the barrel and receiver.

Jarmann was among the first bolt action repeating rifles to be adopted in the world.

It was designed by a Norwegian engineer Jacob Smith Jarmann. Several thousand of Jarmanns were manufactured to equip both, Norwegian and Swedish forces in the 1880-s (30,000 were manufactured for the Norwegian armed forces and 1,500 were manufactured for the Swedish Navy).

The Jarmann rifle was a remarkably accurate rifle for its time. The rifle utilizes a bolt action and a Kropatschek-style 8-round tubular magazine under the barrel.

Two steel barrel bands configuration with a nose cap. Ramp and leaf rear sight. A notch on the extended rear sight slider in conjunction with a stud on the middle band could be used for long distance ranges.

The left side of the receiver displays the maker markings, "Swedish Royal Crown over C", production date, "1883", and Swedish military inspectors acceptance markings, "J.P" and "J.G.". The chamber also displays, "Swedish Royal Crown over C" and a production date, "1883".

The lower part of the forestock has a brass regimental plate (with no markings).

Overall length: 53.25 inch. Barrel length: 32 inch.

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