Henri Jaquet

A cased pair of percussion pistols, Henri Jaquet in Geneva, circa 1840. Octagonal browned Damascus barrels with ten-groove rifled bores in 11 mm calibre and the gold-inlaid signature, "H. Jaquet à Genève" on top. Elaborately engraved tangs with adjustable rear sights and gold-inlaid numbers, "1" or "2" respectively. Front action percussion locks richly engraved with rocaille decoration. Double set triggers. Richly carved half stocks of beautifully figured walnut. Iron furniture with high quality engraving. Length of each 39.5 cm.

Complete comprehensive set of accessories including bullet mould, powder flask, nipple wrench, etc. Lockable. Comes with key. Case dimensions 48 x 29 x 8 cm.

Henri Jaquet, known as a gunsmith in Geneva from 1820 to 1850. Cf. Stöckel p. 583.

Many thanks to "Hermann Historica" for the pictures

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