F. Schlegel in Locle

Swiss breech loading M.1851-67 Milbank-Amsler stutzer converted from Federal M.1851 percussion stutzer. According to the Swiss sources the stutzer is a type of carbine, although the weapon is long enough to be considered a rifle. Swinging-block mechanism conversion was approved for the Swiss army issue in December 1863.

The stutzer displays markings on the lock plate, "F. Schlegel in Locle". These are most likely the markings of the factory, or rather a gunsmith workshop, that converted the carbine from percussion to breech loading system. The lock plate also displays Belgian gun maker markings, "Crown over BF" (Beuret Freres, Liege). Belgian gun makers manufactured percussion muskets, rifles and stutzers for various Swiss cantons.

There are no Swiss cantonal militia property markings stamped on the rifle. Several other Swiss markings and proofs are stamped on various metal parts and on the stock. The carbine does not show any serial numbers. Some assembly numbers are stamped on various parts of the carbine.

Double set trigger mechanism. Swiss style butt plate and rear sight. The carbine has two military style sling swivels. There is a Swiss style bayonet lug on the right side of the barrel, near the muzzle.

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