Franz Ulrich

Franz Ulrich, Bern, circa 1800. Octagonal, lightly swamped, (reblued) barrels with patent breechblocks and microgroove rifling in 12 mm calibre.

A gold filled mark on the chamber of each gun.

Dovetailed silver front sights, the tops of the barrels are engraved "Ulrich a Berne". Gold bushed vents.

Flintlocks with waterproof pans, frizzens with rollers, and additional signatures.

Single set triggers.

Walnut half stocks with chequered butts and lightly engraved iron furniture.

Length of each 38 cm.

In a replacement, felt-lined wooden case with bullet mould, hammer, and ramrod.

Franz Ulrich (1771 - 1845) from Schwyz, Switzerland, was appointed as Intendant in the Oberndorf Weapons Factory in 1812.

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