CZ 52 ou 52/57

This rifle (carbine) was adopted by CZ Army in 1952 in interesting intermediate ammo: 7,62x45.

The action was a mix of interesting solutions taken from other rifles like Garand (trigger group) and SVT40 (bolt).

But because the entrance of CZ in Warsaw Pact the official ammo became the AK47 7,62x39.

From 1957 many rifles were converted in the new calibre and was added the new model and the year of rework on the left side of the chamber.

This one rifle is strange (but I know of others like this) because the markings are correct for mod. 52/57 in cal. 7,62 x39, but the real calibre is the original 7,62x45 !.

Another mystery in firearms history.


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