CZ swp45

Standard German battle rifle.

swp45 = Waffenfabrik Brunn 1945

Barrel marked 4/45 (Brno release by Red Army on 16.04'1945!)

Equipped with a 1,5x scope ZF41/1 marked "dou" (made in Brno) and an experimental 25 round non removable magazine (derived from MG13).

Brunn is the German way to call the city of Brno.

The firm is CZ, called by Germans as generic Waffenfabrik and coded "swp" in 1945 (as Mauser = byf - Walther = ac - etc.).

During the war CZ was coded also "dot", "dow" and other because of the year.


- made in Brno under German occupation

- captured by Russians (see crossed rifles)

- sent in Israel (see David star)

what a tour!.


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