An exceptional weapon

At the time of the gunshow of Ciney of the 30 may 2006, we discovered a revolver adapted forů handicapped.

At the base of this master piece of arms manufacture, the revolver lawful French 1873/74, from which are resulting (or inspired) the cylinder, the carcass in its higher part, the system of door and the caliber (11 mm).

The handle is lengthened in the prolongation of the weapon and the device of trigger consists of a metal bar (which runs over the entire length under the aforementioned handle) to press to draw. The weapon can draw only in double action by closing again the hand, the traditional aiming is impossible from where removal of its bodies (rise and handlebar), the barrel is lengthened.

The cylinder is prolonged on its back circumference of a small edge to prevent, during the loading, that the cartridge does not slip towards outside. Rod and disassembling also adapted by a system of pressure-traction easily easy to handle have only one hand instead of traditional elements.

Luxurious completion with beautiful ivory plates, work of a gifted and very clever craftsman.

This weapon was designed for a (rich) person having probably lost one or of the phalanges even of the fingers to a hand and which wanted to always be able to ensure its defence.

No marking of proof test.

Single model, unfortunately not signed (outside in any case, it would have to be dismounted)


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