Cane gun

An 1850's - 1860's made uncommon cane- or walking stick gun, length over all almost 32", calibre circa .50 percussion. It can be disassembled in 4 pieces: the grip with ivory handle with age- or tension cracks, ivory shrinks over the long period of its life, the metal will not yield, nicely scroll engraved as typical for the period.

On top of the firing pin is a little lever for easy cocking of the hammer and the folding trigger.

The barrel can be unscrewed for convenient loading.

The barrels are decorated in Damascus pattern and can be taken apart in 2 pieces.

Using only the short barrel it makes a 10˝" boot pistol, the longer barrel is 21", the screw cap is 1˝" and appears to be made from German silver.

Disassembled it is a rather handy set.

The butt is showing an eagle like Germanic coat of arms.

No maker's name as for a Germanic piece to be expected because at the time only the Belgian and British had mandatory proof houses.

Many thanks to “HORST HELD” for the pictures.

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