Cane pepperbox blade

Measuring in at a total length of 37 1/2 inches, with a brass tip on the wood veneered round steel shaft, which flares at the top and connects to the head, which is a 1 3/4 inch ribbed and flared ivory base, leading up to the iron knob, which is decorated with excellent gold damascene floral patterns and bands surrounding a scene of a dragon fighting a snake.

Amid the border are three dragon heads, two small dragons, and a nude female figure. Pulling the head from the shaft reveals the weapon, a six shot folding trigger percussion revolver, topped with a 6 3/4" triangular dagger. The dagger is chequered at the bottom and threaded to the cylinder pin, serving to retain the cylinder. Cylinder and frame are silver finished brass, with a capping cut-out on the right side and a striker that lays flush with the frame when inactive.

Many thanks to "RIA" for the nice pictures.

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