Portable canon

I know anything of this machine unfortunately, neither the gauge neither the manufacturer, nor the source!

And I have only one photograph!!

It is a pity!

While watching your website I came across the portable hand canon under curios & antique weaponry.

I have some information about this device and a lot of photos if you're interested. 

It isn't what you think it is, but still a very cool and collectable piece though.

The device is a punch capsulator for capping wine bottles with tin/lead caps from the early 1900's.

It was used with a lead/tin capsule to add the crimp on the bottle by rotating the device. Inside the capsulator is a rubber/leather O-ring to crimp the capsule around the neck.

There are three variations I found so far, marked: HT182, BrevetÚs S.G.D.G. and a third version that is a little different. All of them have some sort of falling star as a logo.

Note from Littlegun: Thanks a lot to Marc for this nice info. Identification is sometimes a very delicate thing!!!

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