Cannon Winchester 1901

This small cannon which uses a blank cartouche cal 10 was intended for the festivals, departures of races etc…

It was manufactured by Winchester of 1901 to 1958, and since 1976 under license by Bellmore- Johnson Tool Co.

There were several modifications and poured (chrome, with tires etc…)

This one, with its barrel packed and marking on the top of the barrel has being manufactured between 1907 and 1911.

The barrel which measures 305 mm has a room of 85 mm and an internal Ø of 20,9 mm, which is over gauged of a millimetre.

The Manufacture Française d'Armes et Cycles of Saint Etienne who sold this cannon 35 Frank before the war of 14-18 recommended a load of 10 gram black powder N°0.

I drew from the cartridges with leads of 10-75, and I can say to you that there is to put the foot on the mounting when you draw the cord!!!


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