Percussion Cosh Pistol

This is a mystery gun, most probably a unique piece. Nothing similar to this pistol appears in any of the standard reference books and diligent research has thrown up no article on anything remotely like it in any periodical or magazine. It is unlikely to be a fake since the technical skill and the time required to make the twist handle would be unlikely to be rewarded by any potential sale.

It is a small tubular steel percussion pistol which doubles as a cosh. It has a twist handle on a suspension loop with another suspension loop at the muzzle, suggesting that it might be worn on a cord or strap over the shoulder. It is engraved on the barrel "A Tate(?) Ships Chandler Boston Mass. 1851".  The pistol is 12.5" long overall with a 6", 54 bore barrel.  The gun weighs 15 ounces.

Dr Hugo

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